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About Us

From a crackpot idea to the leading adblock in app store
AdBlock Browser for iDevices - The Original without Whitelist

I start with a little private browser, a browser without a history and with a little adblock plugin inside. I hate the redirections, the blinking banner and the layerads but ther was nothing to stop them on my iDevices. So my goal was to get back a user friendly internet on iphone and ipad. In general, Safari on iOS does not support any third-adblock-party or adblock-plug-in. So here is my custom AdBlock for iOS 8 web browser: Over 1 Millionen users can not be wrong. From a just-for-fun independent app to the leading AdBlock for iOS 8. And all this without any whitelist, without tracking, logging or selling your privat informations or data! Privacy First - Your privacy is yours!

  • Block Ads

    No whitelist

  • Block Tracking Sites

    your history is yours

  • Protect Your Privacy

    we dont track your data

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